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In today's business world, standing still is not an option.

Is your IT capability keeping up with the pace of change?How do you balance quality and speed whiledealing with tight budgets and skill shortages?

make your it organization an innovation center

Is there money to spare after keeping legacy systems running? Leading organizations spend at least 40% of their IT budget on initiatives to drive growth and productivity.

is your technology architecture holding your company back?

Unless your systems are architected to be secure, flexible, and maintainable, everything you do will take longer and cost more.

how does a cio balance conflicting forces?

Rigorous security vs. empowering users; Complex technology vs. speed; Deadlines vs. quality; Tight budgets vs. spiraling demand.

is your it organization held back by skill gaps?

Technology advancements mean more new skills must be acquired. Recruiting can be hit or miss, and training is no substitute for experience when project deadlines loom.

will you be the next company embarrassed by a customer data breach or held hostage by ransomware?

Keeping ahead of the cyber criminals requires constant attention to network defenses, security policies, and user awareness.

are you prepared for catastrophe?

FEMA estimates that 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster and another 25% fail within a year.

your employees' mobile devices are an opportunity and a threat

Tablets and smartphones are now ubiquitous and empowering employees, but is your company data safe, Especially when employees bring their own and tear up the old IT rules.

How healthy are your databases? Are you at risk of data loss?

Without monitoring, SQL databases are vulnerable to performance degradation and data corruption. If your backups can’t be restored, your business is at risk.

change is hard

Major IT projects frequently involve major process and organizational changes that can be more challenging than the technology.

is your erp or crm system holding back your business?

The latest packages can transform your business, but major software implementations are complex and high-risk, with the potential for cost overruns and business disruptions.

today’s customers demand a seamless online experience

A customer portal providing information and transaction processing should be part of your service offering.

are you extracting the value from your enterprise data?

Investment in Business Intelligence and Big Data can unlock hidden stores of value for your organization.

the internet of things is here

Advancements in low-power wireless technology are allowing IoT applications to improve employee safety, operational metrics, and asset tracking.

is the cloud right for you?

There are a wide range of options for hosting your mission critical systems, from the Cloud to collocating servers.