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Setanta Industry Experience

Our technology, business process, and organizational change management practitioners are experienced in a wide range of industry verticals including manufacturing, engineering, LEAN, field service, distribution, international supply chain, aerospace, high-tech, leasing and finance, retail, housing, hospitality, gaming, and automotive. We also have a practice dedicated to the needs of private equity funds. Learn more below:

Gaming and Hospitality

The Setanta team has several years’ experience in gaming and hospitality. From IT infrastructure projects, business system applications to marketing, Setanta provides turnkey support for your business.

We help with the selection of the right products for your gaming floor, develop a technical solution that delivers the reliability and performance you need, and ensure your IT operation meets regulatory requirements. Gaming also brings a unique opportunity for business intelligence. Our Data Warehouse experience can guide you through the design and development of the right EDW for your business that support your specific reporting needs. Once your systems are in place our marketing team, using Setanta Analytics, helps you develop campaigns that increase revenue and player retention.

Similarly, Setanta has a depth expertise project in the hospitality industry. From hotels to restaurants and entertainment venues, our team supports a variety of IT needs. Specifically, our experience is with the unique needs in finance/inventory ERP systems, business intelligence and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Setanta Analytics supports marketing campaigns designed to increase revenues and increase customer retention.

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Setanta team members provided key support by developing programs and workflows to facilitate housing and resident management systems for the affordable housing industry.

Key initiatives included LIHTC tax programs managed at the state level, Section 8, HMIS, Vouchers, HOPWA and CDBG. The Setanta team implemented systems and managed the programs post Go Live to assure project success.

Banking and Finance

Our team supports all banking and financial systems, providing a depth of knowledge to the specific challenges in this industry. From security and regulatory requirements to general operations, Setanta has the knowledge and relationships to bring the highest level of results.

Private Equity

Is Information Technology a growth constraint or a risk to your portfolio companies? Information Technology is no longer a back-room function for mid-size enterprises: it is now a critical element of service delivery and achieving growth. The quality of Web and mobile apps sets the bar high in the mind of your customers, IT is often the least mature function and can be a growth constraint in your portfolio. Setanta can supplement your management to ensure that IT gives you a competitive advantage.

Setanta has strong relationships with proven vendors and can also provide an extensive network of vetted resources. We also support procurement efforts by writing RFPs, screening proposals and vendors, verifying references and completely a deeper dive to assure you have the best vendor to support your efforts.

Setanta will align IT strategy with the business objectives of your portfolio companies. We cut through the technology hype and provide a framework to execute successfully by managing implementation risks or recovering failing projects. Our experienced practitioners can achieve more for less than the cost of the large consulting companies and provide a truly independent perspective to architecture, vendor selection and procurement, risk management, IT process improvement and organizational development.

Our adaptable methodologies are grounded in real world experiences and your unique business needs rather than a one-size- fits-all consulting approach, transforming technology from constraint to sustainable competitive advantage. We have senior executive level contacts with major tech firms, and with access to a network of technical specialists, Setanta provides the personnel and technical resources that mid-size businesses lack internally and cannot easily and economically acquire.

For new acquisitions or investments, our due diligence approach can reveal not just IT issues but growth constraints and control risks not revealed by traditional financial or operational due diligence. Our insights into a company’s IT capability, risks, and investment needs can also assist with pre-acquisition valuation and post-acquisition value maximization.

Field Service and Distribution

Our experts have over 20 years' experience of Field Service and Distribution in multiple industries, including operational best practices, parts and equipment logistics, service automation, and mobile technology implementations.


As members of the team creating a data warehouse for a multinational auto manufacturer, we worked with various divisions around the world to insure proper design, system compatibility and integrity plus developing a deep understanding of variables unique to the industry. Our team oversaw the planning, project coordination and change management for their final Business Intelligence system.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We have implemented ERP and custom software solutions for manufacturing and distribution, including international supply chain and specialized manufacturing processes such as aerospace and nuclear. Our team is also well-versed in quality disciplines such as LEAN and Six Sigma.